Curiosity about people is what has me as a photographer.  Since I was a teenager, I’ve been inviting myself over to friends’ homes for dinner.  I still do. Even in rural African countries, Colombia and Sri Lanka where the work for World Bicycle Relief takes me.  There, I sometimes have the most success.  Though we cannot judge a book by its cover, the trappings we surround ourselves with say so much. If you want to know about a person’s life, look at their life.  And listen - a skill in lifelong development.  Listening comes in handy when enrolling subjects to go beyond a position as the observed and begin to collaborate.  While telling me what they want me to know, they show me what they want me to see.  Having opportunity to meet people, where they live, is a true gift.  When someone takes the next step to simply hold my flash, they are making others shine, in-turn epitomizing what the sun does for us earthlings.  Working together to create the photo essays, collages and diptychs, on these next few pages brings us into full-on collaboration.  Thank you for stopping by.  



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This Woman's Work: Leah Missbach Day

Freeheart Creative/Cory Dewald Working women get all sorts of advice: Lean in, lean out, ask for a raise (but don't ask in the wrong way), be aggressive-but not too aggressive. We're also told to nurture our personal lives, lest we end up forgoing families or love or travel or friendship in service of our careers.

Leah Missbach Day - Freeheart Creative

Season 1 Episode 1 Following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Leah Missbach Day witnessed firsthand the power of providing reliable transportation to disaster survivors in rugged terrain - through bicycles. A Chicagoan, documentary photographer and now co-founder of World Bicycle Relief, she has now put more than 350,000 pairs of pedals in the hands of those in need around the world.

Sue Macy Books

"A veteran nonfiction writer, Macy seamlessly weaves together research, direct quotes..., and historical overviews that put the facts into context, while sidebars expand on related topics from 'cycling songs' to standout female cyclists....The narrow focus on cycling will open up broader thought and discussion about women's history, making this a strong, high-interest choice for both classroom and personal reading--for adults, too."